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To be the leading software marketing company in India by 2015.
Openness and Honesty
We need to communicate with each other in a straightforward and open manner. We should always be able to constructively say what we think.
We take the initiative, make decisions and assume responsibility. We acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
It is important that we trust one another. If we make a promise to do something we will do it.
  Mr. Tushar Elinje
(Founder & CEO)
Teamwork and Support  
Together we can achieve anything.  
Enthusiasm and Passion  
Business should be fun. The happier we are the more enthusiastically we face new challenges and the more passionate we are about reaching our vision.
Mission Statement  
To provide our clients with high quality solutions that meet, and often exceed expectations, whilst providing a tangible return on investment and value for money. We're totally committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, and do this by delivering first-class customer service and support. By achieving this we will, in turn, provide an environment in which our people and stakeholders will flourish.
To help Customers achieve their business objectives, by providing Innovative, Consulting, IT solutions and services
  • Integrity
  • Leading change
  • Excellence
  • Respect for individual
  • Learning & Sharing
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